TOP 5 BEST RC CARS of 2021 and for 2022


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Currently the Maxx is going for $549 and the Nitro Slash at about $349. My Maxx does not have the widemaxx kit but I’d lowered the suspension and switched out the shocks oil. If interested in the Lc12b1, I recommend purchasing from riptiderc. Some Tamiya kits come with esc depending on where you buy them from. Best to check description.

👍Most can be found at Amainhobbies or click on below link to the cars.

👍link for the Big Rock:

👍Link for the Tamiya Grasshopper:

👍Link for the Arrma Typhon

👍link for the Arrma Granite:

👍link for Traxxas Maxx:

👍link for Wide Maxx:

👍link for Nitro Slash:

👍My main charger with outstanding warranty coverage:

👍🏻Rechargeable AA Batteries for Transmitters:

I like using ebay and other sites such as Banggood and Makerfire for RC products. Below are the affiliate links to those sites.

👍MakerFire USE CODE Guymenierian for an extra 7 percent off

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